June has been a strange month for me at the university. Professors slowly start sending out information about the reports and essays to be submitted at the end of the semester, and also information on final exams. Final exams are in July so it’s always good to write your reports as soon as possible, so then you don’t have to stress out and panic-write your reports last minute. And yet I keep telling myself that “I work best under pressure anyways” and end up leaving everything until the last minute.

The end of this semester was at the same time similar like any other, since I leave the essays for my least favorite class for the night before the deadline and stay up all night trying to produce something of quality. But at the same time it was very different, since I took all my classes this semester at Keio University’s Mita campus. This campus lies in the heart of Tokyo and is the main campus of this university. Keio University moved to Mita campus in 1871 so there’s a lot of beautiful historical building as well as a lot of proud students roaming the campus during the breaks. The atmosphere is very different here, both in terms of architecture and classes. I felt like a freshman because I wasn’t familiar with any of the Mita professors, nor the students. It felt like a fresh start in a way.

The whole semester in Mita campus has been interesting, and I believe it taught me a lot. Having said that, I did miss my home campus quite a lot so I decided to take half Shonan Fujisawa Campus classes and half Mita Campus classes starting in the Fall semester. During the Fall semester, I’ll also advance to the fourth year and start having to working on my graduation thesis, as well as send my applications for graduate schools both in Japan and abroad. There’s lots to look forward to.

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