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Dominika Trčková

Our grant holder 2015 - 2019


London School of Economics, Faculty of Arts Charles University

Field of study

English and American Studies


Open Gate graduate in 2015

I was born in Prostějov, a small Moravian town, in which I attended both primary and grammar school. Besides that, I competed in modern dancing for several years in TŠ Hubený dancing school. When I was 14 I started studying at the bilingual Open Gate Grammar School, all with the kind help of the Educa Foundation, today known as The Kellner Family Foundation. At Open Gate I finally found a way to use my potential as I learned plenty not only in academic terms, but also discovered formative leisure time activities such as volunteering, diplomatic simulations or organisation of events of that kind.

I have always been an ardent humanities fan which is why I favoured subjects such as English Literature or World History as I neared my senior year at Open Gate. As much as I would enjoy studying these at university level, I opted for Law at first. However, I chose to interrupt and then withdraw completely from the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science due to health problems. In autumn 2016 I will therefore start studying English and American Studies at Charles University in Prague; the programme consists of what I enjoyed while at Open Gate. In the following three years I plan to relax and finish my BA peacefully. I still don’t know what will come after but I am sure I will be fine, especially with the kind help of The Kellner Family Foundation.


Jiří Wolker Grammar School in Prostějov, the Czech Republic
Open Gate Grammar School in Babice near Říčany, the Czech Republic, graduated in 2015


English and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague (beginning 2016)



Considering the recent changes in both my personal and academic life I have decided not to dwell too much on any long-term goals; instead, I focus on the near future. I would like to learn to relax and pursue my studies calmly, to recognize my own limits and think of my health. Last but not least, my primary goal is to enjoy my BA and finish it successfully.


I love literature. Besides reading I like to spend my leisure time singing, travelling and pampering my pets.

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