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Adéla Zíková

Our student 2016 - 2019


University of Reading

Field of study



Open Gate graduate in 2016

I come from one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic, Český Krumlov. I have attended many different schools in places as diverse as Germany, České Budějovice, and the picturesque village of Babice, where I attended the Open Gate Grammar School, from which I graduated when I passed the school-leaving examinations. By school-leaving examinations I mean, of course, the Czech “maturita” and the International Baccalaureate.

I am now preparing to go to Great Britain, where I will be studying psychology at the University of Reading. I also intend to add another subject, probably mathematics.
I spend most of my free time painting, doing sports, or spending time with my little sister, whom I teach new life lessons every day.


Open Gate Grammar School, graduated in 2016


University of Reading, U.K., a three-year program in psychology, beginning 2016




My main goal is to find a field or career that I will truly enjoy and where I will be best able to apply my skills and abilities. Since I am currently most interested in human cognition and behavior, my main focus is on psychology and all that is associated with it.


Naturally, one of my main interests is psychology, but I also like debate and sports. I derive deep satisfaction from painting, which helps me express complicated emotions. But what makes me happiest is when people show truly great interest in my paintings, which motivates me to continue painting.

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