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For children’s home workers

Is there a child at your facility who shows exceptional academic talent? Help them apply for a  scholarship so they can develop their talent at Open Gate, a top-class grammar school. Our scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, food, clubs and trips. We also help prepare them for the entrance exams, free of charge.

How do I know whether a child belongs at Open Gate?

We know that academic talent can be difficult to spot in children’s homes. But if you have a child in your care who is very inquisitive or excels at something, don’t be afraid to get in touch. A Foundation staff member will be happy to talk to you. They will meet the child in person and discuss everything on the spot.

What if a child is shy and unsure of themselves?

We will be happy to ask one of our students or graduates who have experience of living in a children’s home to come and talk to the child. A visit by someone who has had the same or similar experiences in life and is only a little older always works best.

Does the child even have a chance of passing the entrance exams?

Of course, the entrance exams are equally challenging for all students. With this in mind, we offer free tailored tutoring by Populo tutors to candidates from children’s homes. Children have nothing but praise for them, and many of our students say that they got into the school partly because the tutors were so thorough in preparing them.

Can Open Gate help children from children’s homes prosper?

Absolutely. Children from different backgrounds enriching each other is something that Open Gate builds on. Since the school was established in 2005, 58 students from children’s homes and foster care have studied here, 169 from single-parent families, and 130 from two-parent households in difficult financial circumstances. Our scholarship opens doors for these children to receive a truly top-quality education and then perhaps continue their studies at university.

When should I let you know about the child? In Year 5?

Since Open Gate is an eight-year grammar school, pupils normally join us after completing Year 5 of primary school. Applications to prima (the first year of grammar school) must be submitted by 1 March when the child is in Year 5. If you think the child will need help to prepare for the entrance exams, feel free to contact us even sooner when they are in Year 4 or in the first semester of Year 5.

What about older children? Is admission available to them?

If you come across an academically gifted child who is too old to enter the first year (prima), they can join a higher year at Open Gate. But this is only possible if the school has a vacancy. In this case, a non-routine admissions procedure applies.

Do you encourage children to continue on to university?

Of course. One of the main purposes of a grammar school is for students to continue to university to study their dream subject. The Foundation also offers grants for university students to help them cover the cost of their studies even if they choose to study at a more expensive university abroad. If someone has talent and passion, lack of money should not stand in the way of their dreams. For Open Gate graduates, we also offer a special grant to study at a Czech university.

What exactly should I do to help a child to get into Open Gate?

The most important thing you can do is contact a Foundation staff member as soon as possible. They will help you to sort out everything that is related to the scholarship. They will meet the child, learn about their social situation, and advise you whether the child has a chance of being awarded a scholarship and studying at Open Gate is the right option for them. They will also advise you on the application process so you can handle all the paperwork with ease.

For scholarship applicants