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I've had the pleasure to speak at a “go abroad” session hosted by my highschool in Prague.

After Brexit, the rules of the game have changed when applying abroad. I couldn't simply give a tutorial on how I applied. Instead,I decided to use the video conference with 40 or so students to do the exact opposite.

The fact is that with so many universities and scholarships to apply for there is no single guide book to lead the way. On top of that, every student is different and might want to focus their studies on one particular subject, while others are keen on a specific destination. I told the pupils that there is no better guide than their own initiative.

I emphasized the process of looking up information about courses, fees and applications.

I believe autonomy is a key skill for students to have when looking at courses abroad. This is why I decided to use the “let me google that for you” method during the presentation. After all, looking up information online is not rocket science.

I shared my own experience of being at University. I spoke about attending lectures and workshops only being part of the puzzle. But when it comes to finding summer internships, there is no hand holding. This is why it's important to take your own initiative and start googling.

None of us enjoy or want to do the grunt work of gathering information, but unless we sit down and do it, no one else will.

After the short presentation we had a fruitful debate about particular schools and opportunities. After the presentation, I got emails from several students asking follow up questions and seeking advice.


Alma Mater

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