The combination of covid and bachelor's exams is not entirely funny

When it comes to my health, I am very careful and afraid of every disease. Thus, I have completely isolated myself from society and only had been meeting with a small number of acquaintances / family, since March 2020. My plan was simple – to not catch covid and get vaccinated as soon as possible. Since I studied online and also had my job online, I managed to avoid the infection quite well all year.

When it seemed that I would manage to go a whole pandemic without being ill, I caught the covid. Exactly a month before the bachelor's exams, so at a time when I had a strict revising plan for the final exams and preparation for the defense of the bachelor's thesis. In the end, it turned out I was feeling unwell because of covid for a total of three weeks. I only had one week to revise before the exam. Although it was very hectic, during that one week I managed to learn all of the questions for each exam. Thus, the four-week plan was quite effectively crammed into seven days. Although my preparation for the exams was a bit more demanding, I managed to pass the exams and take a combination of several As and A-. I was relieved to finish my bachelor's degree. I was able to commit myself fully to my job and joining the master's degree after.

When I look back at the whole bachelor's degree program, I don't understand how those three years of my life could have run so quickly. I still remember vividly standing on the stage at Open Gate, receiving my high school graduation diploma. During those 3 years, the individual semesters passing in a blink of my eye. When I see how quickly the bachelor's program went by, I can’t even imagine how quick the two-year master's program will be. And I'm a little afraid all my life will go by so fast.

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