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Maxim Oweyssi

Our scholarship holder 2018 – 2022


The University of Edinburgh

Field of study



I was motivated to study science primarily by curiosity. Whenever I see a door half open, I cannot help peeking in because I hate the idea of “not knowing”, “not seeing” or “missing out on” something. It was precisely due to this curiosity that I started to actively seek activities beyond my curriculum when I was a student at the Jan Neruda Grammar School in Prague. While in high school, I took several internships, including one at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, and these internships assured me that physics is the field of study that fulfills me the most. I participated in several competitions and conferences on both the national (AMAVET, CanSat) and international (Math en Jeans) level. When science is not involved, I like debating as part of the Prague Student Summit and similar events. When not on academic soil, I like music and photography.

Support from The Kellner Family Foundation has enabled me to study physics at a Russell Group university in the UK, a field that is developing rapidly thanks to technological progress and that I want to focus on in terms of theoretical research in the future. I look forward to university life as well as to building friendships and gaining contacts in a new environment.


Jan Neruda Grammar School

Royal Alexandra and Albert School (UK) in 2015

Lycée Pierre et Marie Curie (France) in 2014


The University of Edinburgh, four-year BSc Physics program, beginning 2018, expected graduation in 2022 with a BSc (Hons) degree



I try to better understand the world around me through physics. The more I have been focusing on the field, the more it piques my interest, and so I would like to conduct research in deeper areas of physics that ask the fundamental questions regarding the functioning of reality.


Physics, mathematical informatics, philosophy, music, playing the guitar and keyboards with a band, debating, model United Nations, international politics

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