State exams amid pandemic

Since my last blog, I have managed to finish two state exams – Pediatrics and surgery.

Pediatrics was by far one of the best taught rotations in our faculty. Not only that, it was also the most interesting and fascinating rotations. However, this has to do with the fact that FN Motol is a tertiary pediatrics center. The system was standard, every day in one particular department till noon which is followed up by a compulsory seminar. Each week, we rotate among the departments, ranging from general, gastroenterology, endocrinology, hematology & oncology, pulmonology among others. As part of attaining credit to do the final exam, we were supposed to do a night shift as well as a weekend shift. The shifts at the pediatric rotation were never boring, everything from emergencies like Diabetic ketoacidosis to trying to diagnose rare complex genetic disorders that require multidisciplinary effort. We were also a week at the neonatology department, where we primarily dealt with complication that can be encountered after birth. These newborns are usually of high risk pregnancy therefore they can be offered lifesaving treatments immediately after birth.

As far as surgery was concerned the rotation was divided into practicals and lectures. The departments involved were general surgery, orthopedics & trauma, neurosurgery and pediatric surgery. Most of the surgical rotations were in FN Motol however, we also visited the Military hospital on a few occasions. Each department had its charm, life changing procedures were performed in the childrens side which included removing massive abdominal tumors to more complex epileptic procedures. Neurosurgery was fascinating as well however I do not see myself staying in the OR for 15 hours.

Looking forward to my next blog, since I will be writing that one as a doctor.

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