‘Have you decided on your specialization yet?’ This is question every doctor asks me every time I have a new block or rather clinical rotation this year. So far, I have been to nine different clinical/surgical departments in FN Motol last semester. Each department had it pros and cons but I know sooner rather than later a decision has to be made.

First and foremost I need to answer a basic vital question in order to choose a specialization. Do I want to go to a surgical or a diagnostic field? Surgery means enjoying manual work, being handy and skillful and building and fixing broken items. Conversely, diagnostics entails solving puzzles (by the way surgeons hate this), thinking about the causes of diseases and their differential diagnostics as well as discussing and consulting with different specialists.

Deciding on whether to pursue a surgical or a diagnostic direction is essential and very important in that you don’t want to choose a particular field and end up not feeling happy or contempted with it. It is safe to say both these two fields have variety of options to choose from. If you opt for surgery, you can choose, general surgery, gynecological, urological, plastic, orthopedics, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic etc. On the other hand diagnostics, there is internal medicine (which is very broad), paediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, radiology, pathology etc.

All in all at this point, all I am trying to do is taking the opportunity to get to know all the major specialties being provided by our faculty. Trying to take full advantage of these incredible options and maintain lucidity at all practicals and internships just to acquaint myself with what a particular field involves.