End of Pre-clinical years

Needless to say, these are fundamental and backbone of any medical institutions. These years were intense, stressful, burn outs and different coping strategies. Inevitably, they are precursors to being a successful medical student as well as a doctor. Below I have summarized my experiences and general observations.

Studying in medical school is plethoric, obviously. Inherently, it will consume significant amount of daily activities. Therefore, studying without a plan would tend to be unproductive. I spent my first year of medical school trying to figure out a plan that best suits me. I even talked to senior students about their experiences and expertise since it is individual just to get an insight and what to focus on. Eventually, a tried a few different ways and ultimately modelled and personalized a plan that I felt was best for me, not only in terms of productiveness but also emotionally less stressful. I remember first year asking one of my professors about studying and his reply was, ‘Uč se, Uč se, Uč se, Uč se, dej si pivo, Uč se, Uč se, odlož zkoušku‘. The rewarding moments usually arise when you convert your theoretical knowledge into practice and realize that those moments of despair were thoroughly worth it.

Free time.
You often here, ‘medical students have no life‘. In majority of the case, this is actually true. Regardless, one needs to find free time and take a break from studying. Again, this leads back to having an efficient study plan and more important one needs to stick to the plan. Generally, I am an early bird, my routine would start from 7am and 8pm. Of course there are study breaks in between.

Extra-curricular activities.
While studying, you will be able to choose from a wide range of secondary activities that may or may not be related to your education. A number of such events are offered by the IFMSA International Student Organization, which can enrolled immediately after joining medical school. You can extend your horizons to sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptive methods in sex education, to show children that they do not have to fear doctors under the auspices of the Teddy Bears program or to organize screenings and lectures for their classmates. And of course, there is even more! You earn points for your activity, which makes it possible for you to go abroad for an internship, which is a huge experience of not paying.

If you do not like this, but you are a sporty type, you can represent your faculty in one of the sports. Especially popular is hockey, when playing against the teams of other countries, but there are more choices. Maybe you will find in your hearty affair that you want to spend your free time somewhere else and it does not have to be a part of the faculty associations, you can also search among non-profit organizations or bypass hospitals and prepare for future specialization perhaps.