5th semester

January and February are among the most stressful and intense months for any student in our faculty solely due to the fact that it is designated examination period. Having said that, the examinations that I tackled were Microbiology and immunology.

Microbiology is a massive course wondering if we could manage everything in two academic semesters. However, with brilliant teaching personnel and hard work we pulled through. Immunology on the other hand, is a vital subject in the medical field and every doctor is required to have the knowledge of our immune system.

Besides perpetually in the study I also get some time off to get involved our community. These activities include going to local elementary and high school and raising awareness about important current medical issues in hand. These may include education on diabetes during diabetes day, STDs: its transmissions, effects and prevention and doctor-patient relation especially for young kids who are afraid of hospital personnels. Furthermore, we are also organize interfaculty activities to enhance friendship amongst our faculties through sports and social activities.
I’m looking forward to next semester which is somewhat special and exciting. The reason being is the last semester of preclinical years. The challenges will definitely be similar to the previous ones but then again every semester is special in its own way.