Winter Reflection written during dusky evenings

Even though January and February are categorised as winter months, we cannot really talk about proper winter in York, as we know it from Czech Republic. In total, we have enjoyed the snow cover for no more than one week so far; nonetheless, even small layer of snow can cause massive traffic disruptions, which affects the whole area of Northern Yorkshire. After this experience, the typical Czech wailing regarding roadmen seems to be pointless. Unfortunately, the snow usually melts in few hours so that you wake up to a dry sunny day, even though you enjoyed the walk in snowy York city on the night before.

Nonetheless, university in York is not only about weather observations but mainly about the academic work. Straight after our arrival from the Christmas break, we were expected to hand in a series of summative essays, which count towards the final grade in year one. Mine results were quite good, which I partially attribute to a hard work during our International Baccalaureate when studying at Open Gate. Besides of essays and lectures, I participate in the project called the York Award, which is the university equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh Award aiming to generally develop abilities of all participants in this perennial course. Moreover, I am also starting to take part in long-standing projects on the larger geographical scale.

 Apart from studying, I spend part of my free time doing sports, which is obviously highly popular among York students. Consequently, you are meeting dozens of new as well as old friends around, who form really varied community of young people. Speaking of communities, I lead a fulfilled life because I meet daily people from my Politics/Economics course, but also from the language course, extracurricular and sport activities as well as my housemates. In general, study at English university and continual interaction constantly pushes the understanding of multiculturalism.

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