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“You know about the virus situation in China right?” my mom asked a few weeks before my expected departure to Nanjing. “Yeeeaaah, I'm sure it's no big deal” I replied, not knowing the number of times I would be replaying this conversation in my head.

After almost a month of living anxiously and in the biggest uncertainty, I finally start receiving the news. “The government is advising against all non-essential travel to China”, “Nanjing University to postpone the start of the semester” and of course saving the best for last “Your semester abroad is getting canceled.” Our Manchester professors were kind enough to set up an 'Independent Study Unit' where they would be sending out assignments, thus giving us a chance to practice, however, this idea was very short-lived and we only ever received one task. Luckily, our respective Chinese universities had set up online classes via Zoom and so the semester could begin.

Although at first, I was looking forward to these lessons, I soon realized they are not what I had expected. That is why I decided to buy myself an HSK5 online course which provided me with more content and it was better suited for my individual needs.

To be honest, this pandemic ruined many of my plans and I would lie if I said I haven't cried a little, but I guess I'm just trying to stay positive, learn as much as I can on my own and look for the silver lining.

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