The end of an era

Finishing my first semester in Argentina went great. We managed to go on a couple of more trips with the friends that I had made, before leaving with the most unforgettable memories. One of our last trips was to Salta where we visited the breathtaking salt lakes called Salinas Grandes, gained a bit of insight into the way of life of the native people and tried Salta’s traditional dish - the llama.

I stayed in Argentina until January, thus, it was my first time celebrating Christmas and New Year away from my family, which was quite sad. However, I got to spend the holidays with my host family which enabled me to see how different it is from ours. Frankly, laying by the pool in 30-degree heat doesn’t really bring out the holiday spirit, and even though, I’ve always dreamed of spending Christmas on the beach, I can’t wait for next year when I’m cuddled up in a blanket drinking hot chocolate.

It’s January 9th: the day has come, and saying goodbye to my host family could absolutely not go without a few shed tears. Aaand neither could my journey to the airport. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, to say the least. I was very excited to go back home after almost 6 months, but my time in South America was one of the best experiences and the memories I have made are definitely going to stay with me for the rest of my life. Buenos Aires really does feel like a second home to me now and driving through the city for the last time without knowing if I’ll ever be going back … ah well. Once I got into the plane I was more than ready to get back home and as soon as I landed back in Prague and saw my family at the airport I was the happiest person ever.

My next plan was to stay at home for five weeks before heading off to China, however, due to the coronavirus outbreak all of the universities postponed their official start dates and my university in Manchester advised us against all travel to China. Nevertheless, our teachers keep sending us homework to do online and Nanjing university will soon start their online classes. This is obviously a very sad situation that no one could have foreseen and we are all trying our best self-studying and hoping the situation will get better soon.


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