Successful first year

It really did go by way quicker than I would expect it to, however, I finished my first year at university. Thanks a month-long exam season, the last trimester went by even faster than the first two. Luckily, I've successfully managed to finish everything.

Although coming to a completely new city was pretty harsh in the beginning, I slowly adjusted to the university way of life and now I look back with no bad memories. I love the learning style and I truly believe that if it remains as intense as it was this year, I will learn way more in the years to come. The campus is absolutely stunning and the modern environment is very pleasant to come back to. Manchester is a really vibrant city, there is always something going on in the center - workshops, food markets, concerts, city tours - it would be impossible not to find something one enjoys. If I were to choose a university once more, I would choose Manchester every time.

I managed to visit a lot of places around the city, most importantly thanks to the fact that the entrance to the majority of cultural places, such as art galleries, museums, etc. is free. So far the most interesting thing I've done was a 3 hour long guided city tour, in which we were told many interesting facts from the history and we were shown many incredibly important places, for example, the place where women demonstrated for their rights to vote. I also visited a museum of science and industry where I was able to see Royal Air Force airplanes and understand the history of the city a bit deeper.

As for my plans for next year, the first one would be a new accommodation. I already picked up and I'm not only going to be more independent, but I'm also going to live there with my high school friend. Another goal of mine is to engage more in volunteering and find an internship for next summer. Languages remain my top one priority, therefore I hope to accomplish an English and Spanish certificate. 

I'm not going to say everything was easy and positive, because there were definitely times when I felt down and I missed my home and family, however, these moments can never compare to all of the new experiences and friends that I made. None of this would, of course, be possible without the support of my family and The Kellner Family Foundation. 

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