Personal Efficiency – Trial Period

I beg to report (utterly exhausted) that launching a four-year conquest of London was successful.

The initial confusion from the new environment did not have time to achieve even a local extreme, since all contemplation over differences of life in the Czech Republic and in the UK had to be postponed indefinitely because of an absolute deficiency of free time. The very journey from London Gatwick Airport with 32 kg suitcase in hand was more than challenging even without the help of British Railways which cancelled my connec-tion twice.

Camden Town, part of London where is my second home – Ifor Evans Hall – located, immediately charmed me by its atmosphere blending together traditional and open-minded alternative cultures. In addition, after four years of demanding commuting to school every day, I am finally enjoying the opportunity to leave my room 20 – 30 minutes before my lectures start. What more could I possibly ask for? Other ‘benefits’ which life in the hall brings to a student are regular evacuation of the building at two o’clock at night, when one of the roommates cooking night snack triggers a fire alarm, or finding that the busiest place on campus about half past three in the morning is a laundry room.

Until now, I have not seen almost anything at all in London, except the campus and surrounding neighbourhoods. Apparently, when one returns from the library at two o’clock in the morning most of the tourist attractions have been already closed. However, an important part of this statement is that I have no regrets at all within this matter. How could I, when I have witnessed such events as an execution a week-old pickle fully loaded into strontium (just for effect – because conventional flame tests are said to be too cliché), or four-hour long debate over meaning of the term ‘blank paper’.

I think I do not have to longer emphasized that since my arrival I have been completely consumed by my studies. For me, personal efficiency became shortly the most guarded commodity to fulfil my academic goals and engage within the extensive student community.

Fortunately, seven weeks of never-ending ride on the carousel have been completed by the testing period during reading week and several whole days spent in the lab. And it paid off. Now, I can afford to slow down for a minute, enjoy the first three days’ off and maybe finally recover from cold caused by the well-known British weather, with a feeling of a job well done.


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