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Anežka Klustová

Our student 2016 - 2020


University College London

Field of study

Natural Sciences


The initial impetus for me to go into the sciences was my four years in a class with extended mathematics and science instruction at the Schulzovy sady Elementary School in my home town of Dvůr Králové nad Labem. The enhanced expectations teachers placed on students and the competitive environment solidified my passion for the hard sciences, which I chose to further develop at the J. K. Tyl Grammar School in Hradec Králové. Both institutions fostered my academic and personal development.

During my studies I regularly participated in subject competitions (physics, chemistry, mathematics), became a member of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, visited lectures at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the Faculty of Science of Charles University, participated in a nuclear energy project at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University and got an opportunity to take part in scientific research into solar cells as an intern at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. At school, I was active in student government, became a member of the Czech Secondary School Students Union, organized math competitions for elementary school students and chaired my high school’s official balls.

At this point, my plans for the next four years are obvious. Thanks to the financial support from The Kellner Family Foundation I was able to make my life’s dream come true and continue my education at University College London. Although I do realize that the studies will be difficult and pose many challenges to test my dedication, ambition and aspirations, I am prepared to get the most of all the opportunities that my path offers me.


J. K. Tyl Grammar School, Hradec Králové (2012-2016)


University College London, U.K., Natural Sciences (MSci) - Atomic and Particle Physics and Inorganic and Materials Chemistry, beginning 2016



Take advantage of the flexibility of the program, set up the optimum individual study plan focusing on my areas of interest, and gain valuable research experience; be actively involved in the student community; graduate successfully from the four-year university program and follow that into a post-grad program; work as a scientist at the university or a research facility in my home country or abroad and contribute, albeit just a little, to the scientific evolution of the human race.


Science, reading classic literature and fan fiction, skiing, organizing and actively participating in social events, watching TV shows, western concert flute playing, traveling

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