Long way ahead

The final year marks the transitional period when one has to decide whether to continue studying towards the MSc or try to compete on the saturated job market.

Especially during this life changing year, everyone would appreciate an extra bit of time to make up their mind and choose the right career path for them; however, that is not the case. This year seems to be quicker than any previous one. Maybe it is due to the pressure of all upcoming deadlines that usually mark the end of every week.

After the Christmas break, I sat an exam from Democratic Economics, which swiftly ended the period of festivities and threw me back into the academic routine of lectures and seminars. Luckily enough, unlike many of my peers, the joint degree allows me to reduce the number of exams in the summer period in exchange for two essays during the Easter break. This should provide me with enough time to thoroughly prepare for my final exams whilst writing two essays regarding the European Integration.

Apart from academics, I have been participating in many extracurricular activities, namely I became The School of PEP International Ambassador, aiming to promote the PPE degree amongst students coming from Central European region. I have also continued my active involvement in The Griff Investment Fund and attended an annual The York Finance Conference at the beginning of March.

As of September, I have not finalised my plans yet, waiting for universities and companies to get back to me. However, given the effort I have put in to the application processes, I expect some favourable responses.

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