Inevitable end or a new beginning?

Despite the beautiful architecture, vibrant social life and countless opportunities to meet interesting and inspiring people, my time in York will shortly come to an end.

However, that by no means mean farewell to the UK as I am moving to Coventry at the beginning of July. It also does not imply end of my academic journey, but rather a change of the format from full time to either part time or long distance study commencing in January 2016.

Overall, the last year at The University of York was a steep learning curve and in retrospect, I understand why many professors emphasize the importance of the final year in a preparation for further studies or entry to graduate level employment. Not only the academic rigour, but also the necessity of continuous preparation, time management and endless research lead to the desired degree certificate that distinguishes you from your peers and provides you with numerous chances to get a decent job. Luckily enough, after completing three three-hours long examinations in the summer term, I have fulfilled my conditional offer to start working at Jaguar Land Rover in Purchasing, which was one of the most interesting and challenging offers that I have been presented with during the ‘job hunt’ that took place from September to January.

With only graduation left, which will give us a formal closure, I am looking forward to move on. However, York will always have a place in my memories. Having said that, anyone who would be interested to learn more about the university or the city itself, please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to share my experience.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to The Kellner Family Foundation for all the financial support over the years, which allowed me to attend the prestigious Open Gate Boarding School, obtain IB Diploma and continue my studies in Anglo-Saxon type of education at The University of York. I am really glad that I have been given a chance to prove myself along with an access to world-wide recognized education that I would not be able to afford and which will definitely help me during me future career.

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