How is it November already?

It feels like it’s only been a couple of days since I left the Czech Republic to go back to university, but the end of the first semester is promptly approaching and with it the well deserved Christmas break. Compared to the first year the amount of workload and the level of intensity increased, alongside more lessons and tests. On the other hand, I know Manchester pretty well now, I am no longer lost on campus and I live in a nice new accommodation with my friends, which makes my university life a lot easier.

Considering the fact that first year was mostly about the transition into a university life, adjusting to a new country and figuring out the teaching style, in the second year, I decided to pay more attention to the community. Thus, I applied for the role of a Student Coordinator of our Peer Mentoring scheme. Our main role is to support new students, provide them with extra material, give them helpful tips and organize social events where they get the chance to make new friends and meet people from different courses or grades. Furthermore, I need to make sure every Peer Mentor is looking after their assigned mentees and pays enough attention to their needs.

The second year is also mostly about preparing for our third year. Our third year consists of living abroad in order to improve our language skills in a certain language. In my case, that is China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. For this reason, I decided to apply for a Chinese certificate (HSK3) on a B1 level. My second choice is either Spain or Latin America. Now is the time to as many questions we may have, deciding whether we want to undertake a study or a work placement, choosing the desired destination and applying for jobs or a university place. This is a very long and stressful process, especially with the amount of workload, but luckily, we have the full support of our university professors as well as former students that are super helpful and happy to answer our questions in order to help us with everything we need.

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