Hectic summer

End of my second academic year came again in a blink of an eye. Even though we had to live through the painful exam period, which pretty much summarizes every third term in York, I still managed to experience quite a lot outside of my studies.

During spring break, I went with my former college rugby team on a tour, which was till then totally unknown concept for me. Bunch of guys hoped on a bus driving us down to sunny Salou, Spain for a hilarious week of so called ‘Salou Fest’, which seems to be quite popular pre-exam stress relief event amongst British university students. Essentially, it is a week of sport and social activities, during which students from different universities from all over the UK are given space to interact with each other and create new friendships.

When we returned back to York after this splendid and eventful week, but dreadful 26 hours long journey, I joined my Doorsafe Supervision training and obtained my license from a subsidiary firm of the British Ministry of Interior. It allows me to have a part time job during my studies to cover part of my living costs, alongside a generous scholarship from The Kellner Family Foundation.

I also managed to squeeze in extra trainings during Easter break in preparation for the Roses Tournament, which I described in my previous blog entry. Even though our university rugby team looked really fit, we did not manage to defend 5 years long whitewash, when we lost two out of four rugby matches against Lancaster.

Roses Tournament symbolized last joyful event before exams that took place around mid-May to mid-June.  I sat five of them in total, scoring overall high upper second class, which was quite disappointing. On the other hand it motivates me to dive into studies next year to improve my overall performance and enhance my chances on the labour market. Furthermore I decided to join business optimization department within the HomeCredit International again this summer as I believe it will widen my career horizons.

Hopefully this summer will not be that hectic after all.

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