Health is the key to success!

I have finally completed another academic year of study at Vienna University which was not really traditional.

Before the Coronavirus epidemic burst out, I managed to sing in the beautiful theatre in Schönbrunn where in 1759 the opera L'arbre enchanté by Christoph Willibald Gluck had its first performance. I sang the Biblical Songs by Antonín Dvořák and the Vienna audience received my performance with loud and heart-warming applause. My performance in Dortmund with the Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno was a great experience for me. We performed Requiem by Verdi - a Roman Catholic mass for deceased, and several thousand listeners in the audience applauded at the end of the concert.

At that time, however, I did not presume that it would be the last concert for a long time which I would recall before I could come back and sing for the Czech or foreign audience.

When I learnt in mid-March that the university would be closed, I preferred staying in Vienna just to be safe. The longer I stayed in Vienna, the more I realised that it would not be possible to return to university and continue my study during that academic term. My presence in class remained only my wish. I highly appreciate that the professors at our university produced an excellent home study plan in a few days quality of which was equal to the ordinary in-class tuition. So I could continue to improve my skills which are necessary for the career of professional opera singer. The final examinations were taken in the form of video call and this was a completely new experience for me because I was only used to taking exams in a presence at the university.

In my opinion, most of us experienced an uncertain period full of questions. As an artist, I was badly affected by the pandemic. My diary filled up with activities was gradually changing into a brief list of several concerts which were cancelled within a few days as well.

Even if I was disappointed about the cancellation of concerts and in-class training at university, I realized even more how important is one thing for all of us: our health. If we are not healthy, it is hard to achieve the professional success and the joy of everyday life. I do not just think that keeping a healthy diet is important, but above all being respectful of others, older people. Despite all the difficulties, the viral epidemic has made most of us more responsive and supportive, and has shown that helping one another is the key to success in such a difficult time.

I thank wholeheartedly to the Kellner Family Foundation for the support given to me in this academic year.

I also wish a lot of health to all readers, and I am going to continue to learn the famous song cycle of the Winter Journey by Franz Schubert, which I will sing several times in the autumn. It's hard!

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