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Jakub Ošmera

Our scholarship holder 2019 – 2020


Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien

Field of study

Operní zpěv


I come from the picturesque small town of Domažlice, which is a centre of the Chodsko region and folk art. Music, and especially singing, has been the greatest passion in my life since a young age. I have played the Chodsko bagpipes since the age of eight, and later the clarinet and piano as well. I still have vivid memories of my first visit to the theatre, when I saw Mozart’s Magic Flute at the Divadlo J. K. Tyla in ‎Plzeň. As a child, I was simply captivated by this magnificent opera performance. The story was played out in a fairy-tale world and the singers were dressed in brightly coloured costumes. I said there and then that one day I would like to join them. At that time, I started my first singing lessons, and today I am on the opera singing course at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where, as was the case in my studies at the Prague Conservatory, I have an opportunity to learn various dances as well. I also attend acting improvisation courses. 

As an opera singer, I can affect the mood of my listeners by giving them sensations of joy and delight and also perhaps by inspiring them. I can help them to immerse themselves in fairy-tale worlds full of adventure or in stories going back hundreds of years, and not just through the props, costumes and acting, but also through my singing voice. My greatest example in all this is my mother. My mother is in poor health and listening to recordings of my opera singing helps her get through everyday life. Listening to me gives her the strength to carry on and to have faith in the future in spite of all the physical obstacles. I would like to give other listeners what I give my mother, and to fortify them in lives full of problems and challenges, irrespective of whether they are petty or serious, and to give them a feeling of joy.

I am very grateful to my professors and my previous teachers Lucie Bínová, Lída Nopová, Valentin Prolat, Josef Šimek and my current professor Peter Edelmann, for everything they have taught me and for always motivating me to work hard and to a high standard. I am also very appreciative of the support from The Kellner Family Foundation, enabling me to study at one of the most prestigious music universities in the world, and thus to follow my dreams. 

Secondary school:

Prague Conservatory, completed 2017


University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, four-year course in Solo Singing, started 2017, expected to graduate in 2022 with a BA degree

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My goal is to become a well-known opera singer at home and abroad. I would love to hand on the knowledge and experience I build up to future generations of opera singers and especially to spread joy through opera singing. My other goal is to establish an opera organisation that would provide musical support to artists from all over the world.