Final Countdown

Clock is ticking and even though it sounds like cliché, everything we do here in York is for the last time and that is a fact.

Having that in mind, and in an attempt to enhance my career prospects, I decided to join The Griff Investment Fund, the long buy only, first UK student-run investment fund. After a long preparation and challenging application process, which was finished by my first ever stock pitch, I got in. The investment fund provides me with an opportunity to learn about investment banking in friendly but intellectually rigorous environment, where we manage 10,000 GBP of equity.

Moreover, I became a student module representative, with intention to help lecturers to improve their modules, so that York University can maintain its stable place in UK TOP10 ranking based on its academic excellence.

All of these activities came as a result of my summer internship at Business Optimization department at Home Credit International, where I realised how important it is to have many transferable skills and at least some work experience in the related sector, where you intend to work after your graduation. Given that, it is probably not hard to guess that I am interested in finance or consultancy, respectively.

Aside from my summer internship, where I worked in a team dealing with business optimisation in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines and China, I managed to move on in my sports career, when I represented Czech Republic at European Championship in Dragonboating. Despite my intensive and continuous training preparation here in York, I found the championship more than challenging; however, we managed to become double European Champions and all the hours spent on training finally paid off.

Inspired by these small successes, I decided to try my luck and currently I am in the middle of application processes to various companies offering graduate jobs and internships. Recently, I also became Market Mogul Analyst, which allows me to use unique platform to comment on current events in the financial world.

It seems like a busy year ahead of me.

Team of double European Champions in Racice

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