End of second year

My second year at university went a lot smoother compared to the first one. Manchester became my home away from home and a city I've grown to love, therefore coming back to a place I already knew my way around felt really easy. We arranged a nice accommodation with friends so we wouldn't feel as lonely as we sometimes did last year, and together we managed to experience, celebrate and properly enjoy a lot of new things such as Halloween, Bonfire night or the Chinese New Year. I know these all sound like things we could have done last year, but it's hard finding the right group of friends to enjoy these things with.

A month-long exam period was pretty difficult, but thanks to an everyday preparation I have successfully written all of my exams and I'm currently waiting for my results.

During a busy second semester, I had to start preparing for my Year Abroad. All of my classmates and I had to decide whether we wanted to undergo a work placement or study at a partner university and subsequently choose a country/city/university we'd love to go to. I wanted my year abroad to be a little diverse so the plan is as follows:

In late July I will be leaving to Argentina to teach English to primary school children. I will be staying with a host family which I am super excited about because I hope that living with locals will enable me to perfect my Spanish. Apart from that, I think being completely immersed in the culture will teach me about the culture and everyday life and I will come back half Argentinian :)

In February I will be flying to China to a partner university in Nanjing and I'll spend approximately 5 months studying there. There is about 10 of us from the university going to Nanjing so we can always meet up or help each other out with any issues that we may (but hopefully won't) have.

This year was so far the most challenging, but it was also the fastest. I remember choosing universities back in high school and being absolutely in love with the idea of a year abroad, but still thinking it was too far away, however, now I'm here with less than a month to go thinking how crazy fast time flies. I am grateful for the great two years and I cannot wait for this next one. I would love to thank the Kellner Family Foundation for the support because without it none of this would be possible. I really appreciate the personal approach and I know I could always count on them if I needed anything. I am really looking forward to going to both of these countries, but I am not going as full of expectations as I was to England. I soon realized that nothing is as perfect as it seems and I am always glad to be back home.

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