A new chapter of my life is opening

As with every new beginning, first days at a new school are very busy and full of new information, experiences and arrangements.

Here it was the same.  Induction week was great, we were warmly welcomed and we found out everything we needed to know about the school, its activities, and what is on offer for us, and we also had chances to get to know each other thanks to the countless social activities. Because the string department audition was coming soon – a really difficult exam from  orchestra extracts -  I was really busy practising to get it as good as I wished, so that´s why I attended only the party on the river Thames. Fortunately this did not affect anything, and soon I was quickly integrated with the new international student community, so that now I feel as comfortable as a fish in the sea.

More difficult was to get used to a new, unusual daily routine with the English family who I am living with. It is unbelievable that it is so close to my school and even  that I get a dinner sometimes, but in return for all of that I have to make a fresh juice and tea every morning, and already at 6.30 (except of weekends) to be ready and full of energy to teach the violin to their two children, Hector and Frederick, before they set off to school by black cab. I also have some other tasks which I have to do before I go to school myself. But still, the feeling of joy and gratitude keeps me content that here in London, one of the biggest cultural centres of the world, I can be again living and studying after one year, but this time in the role of a full student, not just in an Erasmus program, which I really do recommnend to everyone by the way!

Cultural life is throbbing here, art is coming out from every side  and time  is racing. There is probably not a single evening when a concert where I would love to be is not happening. Ideally I would love to see every concert, and I could spend all day in a museum or gallery without any problem .... but the reality is different. Studying at the Royal Academy of Music is itself very inspiring and fulfils all of my expectations and dreams.

Every week there is some masterclass with a distinguished teacher through all musical departments, along with interesting lectures, workshops or other musical activities. Huge experience and enrichment was when one of the best violin virtuosos came to our school. He comes every term and to observe his way of teaching is absolutely tremendous. Every week our school also holds very popular and well attended Lunchtime Concerts and Early Evening Concerts. In November I will participate in two sympony orchestra projects and I am very much looking forward to it, because they invite some of the best conductors to collaborate in these projects. I am going to take part in competition held by our school and for which I am preparing with my new pianist. I will  also take part in a masterclass, have intensive rehearsing with my piano trio, and obviously attend my lectures and classes, as well as teaching at home in the morning. I would also like to find a part time job, because as it is well known, everything is very expensive here. I will see how things develop as time goes on, but for now I very much look forward to each new, unusual tomorrow…


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