A chapter of my life is closing

I am pleased that I have successfully reached the point where I am about to complete my music studies. The graduation ceremony is going to take place next week. I look forward to it. After what has been an intense eleven years of studying music, with violin as my primary focus, it is a great privilege for me to finish at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

I take into account that I have been very lucky, not just with this studying opportunity, but also with awarded scholarships. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Kellner Family Foundation once again, which has generously supported me over these two years. It is greatly appreciated. Without its help, I would not have been able to come here and complete my degree successfully. So thank you!

Each term at the Academy has been very busy. But I have found the last one, the summer term, extremely busy and more challenging in many different ways. This is not just because of my exams, final recital and lots of deadlines, but mainly because I had to think and look much further ahead and to plan what to do next after my Master’s degree. Musicians’ life in general is not very stable, but rather unsecure in many aspects, and I think it does not matter where you are in the world. It is a nomadic type of life and I sometimes miss having stability in this profession. Although it is very difficult to succeed in this country due to large numbers of great musicians, and even though nothing is clearly settled with Brexit, I have decided to stay here in London for some time. Living here is tremendously expensive and exhausting, but I want to continue taking steps forwards, rather than the reverse. Going back home straight after my studies seems a pity and a wasted chance.

I am very keen to find a teaching position in a school, because I would love to be part of an institution, in a different role, as a teacher and thus to have colleagues and pass on what I have gained to the younger generation. It would also be great to have access to all the resources such as a music library and follow a regular schedule. I would like to combine it, of course, with performing. This term I have formed a string quartet with my peers at the Academy. We have worked hard and have had a several lessons with highly inspirational teachers and performers.  In April, we gave our first concert, playing Haydn’s String Quartet No. 3 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like collaborating with other musicians and one of the most exciting aspects of my MA is that I have met and played with some truly wonderful players.

This term I was also very happy to take part in two fantastic orchestral projects at the Academy. The program of the first consisted of mainly French music with pieces by Ravel and Debussy, combined with Spanish dance and rhythmic music by Manuel de Falla. In the second orchestral project, which culminated in a performance at the Royal Festival Hall, we played the magnificent, well-known 2nd Symphony by Gustav Mahler called “Resurrection”. We had almost two weeks of intense rehearsals, nearly six hours a day including weekends, because it was a very challenging piece of music for all the instruments of the orchestra, both from the technical and musical point of view. During that time the weather was tropical, untypically for England, so in the hall without air conditioning and with around one hundred people, it was not easy.  But above all, we were lucky enough to be guided by the great conductor, Semyon Bychkov. The concert itself was an unforgettable evening, where we earned a standing ovation from the audience. This last project marked the end of my studies and was one of my Academy’s highlights. But on the very last day I will round it off with a masterclass with Tasmin Little, one of the leading British violinists.

It has been a tremendous and fascinating experience to study at the Academy, but at the same time I feel it is a perfect time to close this chapter and begin a new one. It is exciting and I am looking forward to it.


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