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Viola Vavryčuková

Our student 2017 - 2020


University of Durham

Field of study

Natural Sciences


Since early childhood, I have always enjoyed various logic puzzles, and when I started school, my favorite subject of all was math. As my math skills and knowledge expanded, so deepened my interest in this science. During my studies at primary and secondary school, I took part in many math competitions and math-science camps, which were valuable experiences for me.

Despite its abstractness, mathematics has huge application in nearly all fields and scientific disciplines, and also enables us to better describe and understand the world around us. Mainly physics applies this, which is founded upon mathematics. I would also like to take physics during my studies, and thanks to it, to penetrate the laws of natural phenomena.


Secondary school

Karel Čapek Grammar School, Dobříš, graduated in 2017


Durham University, UK, field of Mathematics, since 2017



My closest aim is to complete studies in math and physics at Durham University in a bachelor’s or perhaps master’s program. I would then like to dedicate myself to scientific work in both of these fields.


Besides math and physics, also reading, hiking, sports, travel, playing the piano, volunteer activity, philosophy and psychology

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