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Tomáš Tatran

Our scholarship holder 2019 – 2022


University of Birmingham

Field of study



I was born in Frýdek-Místek, a small town near Ostrava. I lived there all my life and perhaps that is why I decided I needed a challenge or a radical change, and that is when I heard about an opportunity for studying abroad. Suddenly everything became clear and I knew which steps I would be taking in the future.

Mathematics has always been the number one subject for me, and not just because of my classes in school, but also due to the countless creative competitions and projects I was able to take part in. They always showed me that mathematics is more than just numbers and letters.

Secondary school: 

Gymnázium Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, completed 2019


University of Birmingham, UK, Mathematics, since 2019



My current goal, of course, is to complete my studies successfully, but I would also like to gain practical experience whilst still at school. I can see myself as the founder of a start-up in the future, but we will see what life brings, and I will therefore keep all my options open. I would also like to develop my interests, because there is more to life than work. I will have excellent opportunities for that at university thanks to the student clubs, so all that remains now is to fit everything into my timetable.


Chess has always been my passion, but I do not look down on modern things such as electronic sports. I also enjoy traditional sports for fun, especially ball games. My enthusiasm for mathematics, physics and international politics dates back to my school days and to various projects. I also like to try out new things, so my fondness for travelling, cooking and music is no surprise.

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