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Pavel Kohout

Our scholarship holder 2012 – 2016
Pavel Kohout
Pavel Kohout


University of Cambridge

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When in the sixth year of an eight-year secondary school, I decided to vie for the HMC Scholarship that would enable me to study at a prestigious UK school for one year. I succeeded in the admissions procedure, so I spent the next academic year at the New Hall School. The school was so generous as to prolong my grant for the subsequent academic year. In that final year, which is equivalent to the fourth secondary school year in our country, I filed applications with the UK’s best universities. Eventually, I was admitted to an Engineering programme at the University of Cambridge.


Capt. Jaroš Elementary School (1999-2004)


Třebíč High School (2004-2010)
New Hall School (2010-2012)


University of Cambridge, Jesus College, Engineering, UK (since 2012)



My present goal is to find an area of engineering that I will love best and specialize in. After school, I’d like to collaborate on breakthrough projects such as ITER.


Engineering, dancing, catapults, guitar

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