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Ota Michálek

Our scholarship holder since 2020


University of the West of England, Bristol

Field of study

Aerospace Engineering




I come from Ostrava town where I attended my primary as well as grammar school. During my grammar school I become more interested in science. In addition to traveling I got myself involved in all kinds of extracurricular activities.

These opened my eyes, broadened my perception and I draw on the experience to this day. Whether the Olympics, School activities, all that pushed me forward so you will often hear me promoting these activities. International competitions such as the Young Physicists Tournament motivated me to study abroad. I decided to study Aerospace Engineering at UWE Bristol in England. I am very comfortable with the form of study where we are often immersed in team projects and in parallel with the lecturers we have to learn to apply the newly acquired knowledge in practice. During the first year I also liked the voluntary PAL module which is a peer assisted learning which aims to promote collaborative learning among students and show them strength in the diversity of teams or interest groups. I liked the subject so much that I successfully signed up for the second year as a tutor the new students. The strength of PAL does not lie in the fact that students learn, but that they learn the essence and benefits of cooperation and new chapters of life at the university, which is why they are always guided by the elder students. 

Together with an American friend we founded the North American Student Society which organizes activities not only for students from North America. With my second year here I was re-elected to the position of Vice-President and I also run for the position of „Democratic Procedures Officer“ whose job is to oversee the democracy of processes within  the Student Union. 

I strongly believe that the world will find an effective way to continue despite the reality which the pandemic situation brings. 


Grammar School of Olga Havlová, Ostrava

University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, Aerospace Engineering



Successfully complete my university studies and focus on space exploration. I would like to be part of space engineers‘ team in the future. I believe that space exploration is the future field of interest that today’s technologies allow us to study.


I like to play baseball and during my free time I like to relax by playing ukulele or piano (fortunately there are two at the university campus). And because I’ve been studying what I really enjoy, my studying is too much more of hobby for me. Besides I like taking photos of all sorts of scenery – nature, animals and landscapes. In addition I like to ride a bike which is together with snowboarding and baseball game one of my favourite sports.