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Marek Skalník

Our scholarship holder 2016 – 2019


The University of Manchester

Field of study

Management with Industrial/Pro


Open Gate graduate in 2016

I come from Chomutov, the town of ice hockey legends. Like most young boys, I wanted to become a Czech ice hockey star whose name would be recognized in the NHL. I started at the age of three and for a full ten years was convinced that my mission was to be a professional athlete. I was an average student in elementary school, with the local high school being my highest academic ambition. It was during this stage in my life that I got to visit Open Gate, and my twelve-year-old mind saw it as an unattainable ambition. At first glance I was enchanted by the friendly atmosphere and kindness of the teaching staff. That was the moment when something switched inside me and I knew instantly which way to go. Before too long, I was kicking off my first year at Open Gate, where I then studied for a full six years with the generous support from The Kellner Family Foundation.

I discovered my true self, my passion and my life potential at Open Gate School. In academic terms, I learned more than I had ever thought possible, yet this is just a fraction of overall life experience that studying at Open Gate School gave me. I found that helping others is just as important as personal growth and success, and I pursued a wide variety of good causes. The International Baccalaureate Diploma opened my mind to new opportunities and helped me find my goal in life. My life journey is only beginning now. I cannot see its end, but whatever it is I know it is the right one.


Open Gate School Grammar School, graduated in 2016


The University of Manchester, U.K., Management, a four-year program, beginning 2016



Economic theories and their application in society have always fascinated me. While I don’t doubt their validity and functionality, they work primarily with numbers and models assuming that society is purely rational. During my BA program, I would like to study the irrationalities of the world of business, management and finance and their impact on the individual. Primarily, I want to apply my knowledge and experience in my own business projects or in my future occupation. Later, I plan to go to Hong Kong to start either my business career or an MA program. There, I would like to pursue my plan for connecting the Asian and Czech economies, or generally for building mutual business and political relations.


I like to expand my command of foreign languages, mainly by writing essays and short stories, but I also like classic Hollywood movies and Spanish soap operas. In my spare time, I love cooking, a skill that I will undoubtedly put to good use at a university because nothing shows your maturity and independence better than a perfectly cooked steak or authentic Italian lasagna. I appreciate fine coffee, good music, and a comfortable armchair.

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