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Lukáš Knápek

Our scholarship holder 2017 – 2020


University of Glasgow

Field of study

Software Engineering


As I was completing high school in Nový Jičín, my goal was relatively straightforward – find a job and see how much I enjoy real-life IT business. The next two years showed that I enjoyed it a lot. More than anything else, I loved programming and decided later to study it in university. This is where my plans got a bit complicated. My love of English and my great experience from an internship at a school in Ireland got in the way. As the result, I eventually made the decision to become a programmer in an English-speaking country.

Six months later, I started a new chapter of my life as a student of the four-year Software Engineering program at the University of Glasgow. An academic year spent abroad was not easy in many respects, but I soon got to enjoy the intellectual challenges of the curriculum, the hospitality of the local people and the university environment as a whole. I have successfully passed the first year and now I am preparing for and looking forward to the remaining years.

Secondary School

The Mendel High School in Nový Jičín (2010-2014)


The University of Glasgow, Software Engineering, beginning 2016



For now, successfully complete my Bachelor’s program while gaining as much knowledge and hands-on experience as possible. After graduation I would like to work as an IT developer in the Czech Republic. Over time I would like to minimize my time in the corporate environment and focus more on cooperation on open source community software projects with a potential for helping people.


Programming, technologies, reading, politics, geocaching, hiking

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