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Jakub Váchal

Our scholarship holder 2009 – 2013


Newcastle University

Field of study

Ekonomie a management

Open Gate graduate in 2009

I originally come from the heart of Moravia – from the city of Olomouc. From a very young age, I was always one hundred percent sure what I wanted to be. Whether it was the career of a painter, a lawyer, or a soldier, there was no other choice for me at that particular time. I grew up, completed OPEN GATE Boarding School, and realized a strange thing. The older I get, the less I know where my journey through life will take me. OPEN GATE has opened a vast number of opportunities, for which I am very grateful to the Educa Foundation, which enabled me to study at the school, and to the school itself. I have chosen a direction which I currently find the most attractive – studying abroad. After a demanding admission process, I was admitted to Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, where my major subject is management and marketing. Out of gratitude, I will add right now that I would not be able to attend this school either, without support from The Kellner Family Foundation.

Driven by my obsession with British culture and language, and also by my appetite to always discover new things and new people, and also by my longing for education, I am now setting out for a place some two thousand kilometers from my home. I think that this decision is the best illustration of my personality and interests. I like to spend my leisure time with friends, engaging in sports, any sports, or enjoying a pleasant garden over a glass of beer. At school, my strongest interest is geared towards subjects such as political geography, economics, and other social sciences. Perhaps my favorite hobby, which I am still not able to pursue as much as I would like to, is driving fast cars and motorcycles.


Open Gate Grammar School, Czech Republic, graduated in 2009


Newcastle University, Management and Marketing, UK, started 2009
One-year internship at Warner Bros. HQ in London, 2011/2012.


Complete university studies, obtain a good job in an international company, and set up my own company.


Friends, tennis, football, cars

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