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Daniel Hausner

Our grant holder 2016 – 2019


University of Southampton

Field of study

Mechanical Engineering


I come from Kralovice, a small town north of Plzeň. Ever since my first year at the eight-year Plasy Grammar School I took part in various math and physics competitions. At that time, I started to develop an affinity for those subjects, so they gradually overshadowed the bicycle racing that I did at the time. While sports had played a major part in my life from my preschool days, I decided to close my cycling career during my fifth year at the grammar school. That gave me time to take part in my first physics camp, which deepened my interest in technology and whetted my appetite to participate in more physics and math events such as the Science Week at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University.

My sixth year at school was pivotal in that, during a school trip to the U.K., I visited the Christ Church College in Oxford with its beautiful dining hall that was the model for the set used in shooting the Harry Potter movies. The unforgettable atmosphere inspired me to investigate what studying in England was all about – at first it was just my curiosity, but it soon turned into a dream that I spent most of my leisure time pursuing in the two years to come.

Now that I’ve successfully been admitted, I can finally stop dreaming and start living my dream thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation.


Plasy Grammar School and Secondary Vocational School, 2008-2016


University of Southampton, U.K., Mechanical Engineering, a four-year program, beginning 2016



The first two years of the Mechanical Engineering course are general studies, and I want to use that time to discover the area of engineering that I find the most fun. Over the subsequent two years, I would like to specialize in it and graduate from the University successfully. After graduation, I would like to help invent and improve on technologies to make our lives easier.


Travelling, jogging, cycling, technology and current scientific advances

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