The Kellner Family Foundation donated more than CZK 88 million for charitable causes

The family foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner has posted its annual report for 2015: it donated CZK 88,763,000 for charitable causes. This is approximately the same amount as in 2014. More than 40% of the grants that KFF distributed were to Open Gate grammar school students. Since it was set up in 2009, The Kellner Family Foundation has distributed more than CZK 444 million.

The overwhelming majority of the grants provided by KFF are channelled into support for the education of children and young people from socially disadvantaged environments; KFF donated approximately 90% of all of its distributed funds for this purpose in 2015.

KFF’s core projects continue to include grants for Open Gate students, grants under the Universities project, which helps Czech students acquire knowledge and skills at prestigious universities in the Czech Republic and around the world; the Helping Schools Succeed project, which is focused on improving the quality of teaching at public elementary schools; and the Science project, which sponsors research by Czech scientists.

For example, the Open Gate grammar school had 215 students at the end of last year. KFF grants were provided to 94 of them and totalled CZK 39 million. “I am delighted that Open Gate students are not only passive recipients of gifts. They proactively volunteer to help others and often initiate charitable drives themselves. For example, in 2015 the Run & Help event, devised at Open Gate, was joined by another 30 schools, institutions and groups,” said Renáta Kellnerová, Chairwoman of The Kellner Family Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

In the current school year, 52 students are receiving grants under the Universities project: 12 new students have been admitted to the programme, and 40 grantees continue at universities in higher years. Sixteen grantees graduated last year, mostly with excellent results.

The Helping Schools Succeed team selected three new schools in a challenging application process last year; with this, the project has expanded into eight Regions. In 2015, the project provided support to some 400 teachers and, through them, more than 6,000 pupils in ten schools in eight Regions of the Czech Republic.
In addition to its own projects, in 2015 KFF also allocated funds to individual gifts; it supported the Logics Olympiad held by Mensa Czech Republic, the Prague Student Summit, the publication of the Zámeček [Little Chateau] magazine, the studies of Tomáš Kačo, a talented pianist, at Berklee College of Music in Boston, the US, etc.



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