Help and Guard

How do Czech billionaires support those less fortunate than themselves? Not yet as much as Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, but, even so, it is good.

Petr Kellner - The Kellner Family Foundation
Amount for 2012: CZK 75 Million for 3 main projects

The foundation has donated almost a billion Czech crowns over 20 years. The support primarily supports education – it helps elementary schools improve the quality of teaching; at their private eight-year grammar school, Mrs. Renáta Kellnerová and Mr. Petr Kellner provide need-based scholarships to students who come from less privileged backgrounds and do not have enough funds to pay the school fees. They also support university students: last year they selected 50 students who were given grants for fees at universities in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Under the new Science project, they have given grants to the first researchers focusing on research into the occurrence and treatment of neoplastic diseases. In addition, the foundation has become a general partner of the Model UN as part of the Prague Student Summit.  

(Author: Zuzana Krajíčková, Karina Fraňková)

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