The Family Foundation of Mrs Renáta Kellnerová and Mr Petr Kellner to Support Czech Students at 36 Universities in the World

In the school year that will start soon, a total of 52 students will enjoy support under the Universities project: 25 new students who have won a grant for the first time, and 27 grantees continuing their studies begun in past years. In addition to the traditional destinations, i.e. the United Kingdom and the US, to which Czechs go most frequently to study, Universities project newcomers will also move to Japan, Sweden and France this year.

The Kellner Family Foundation has been supporting university students since 2009. Students receive grants totalling approximately CZK 10 million every year. Over the time for which the project has been in existence, 126 students (including the 52 of them who are receiving grants in the current academic year) have won grants totalling approximately CZK 61 million.

“In the past academic year, 27 of our grantees graduated. We are delighted to watch their continued academic paths and their subsequent professional careers. Some of them will go on to attend master’s programmes, for example, at the University of Cambridge, or doctoral programmes at Yale University, others will already gather professional experience”, said Mrs Hana Halfarová, Director of the Universities and Open Gate projects at The Kellner Family Foundation.

The single largest group of students is heading for schools in the UK (33 students). Others will travel to the Netherlands (3), the US (2), France (1), Japan (1), Ireland (1) and Sweden (1). Ten students will enrol at universities and colleges in the Czech Republic with the Foundation’s support. Almost 200 students have vied for grants under the Universities project this year. This academic year, the 52 grantees will include the largest number of students from Prague (12) and from the Ústí nad Labem Region (6). Other students come from the Central Bohemian region (5), the Zlín Region (5), the Olomouc Region (4), the Plzeň Region (4), the Vysočina Region (4), the South Bohemian Region (3), the Hradec Králové Region (3) and the Moravian Silesian Region (3). One student comes from the South Moravian Region and one from the Karlovy Vary Region; one comes from Somalia.

Compared with the past academic year, there are more medical students (their number rose from six to 11), art students (from two to six) and engineering students (from three to five) among the grantees. On the other hand, the group includes a smaller number of mathematics, physics and economics students.


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