When I Thought It Can’t Be any Worse…

I have never been to the UK before. I’ve been asking myself so many questions – how it will look, what the people will be like, whether I will like it or not.

However, all of that had to wait a while. After arrival in Nottingham, I had to go into 14 days quarantine in the conference centre, as almost any other international student. It was tough, but I tried to spend my time calling with family and friends, working out or watching movies. I also managed to buy a bike through another student, so I was looking forward to exploring the city and its surroundings.

Early in the morning, when my quarantine finally ended, I happily ran out of the building and started to move out to Rutland hall, where I should spend the rest of the year. I was so joyful, that I can finally have a walk and feel the fresh air. A day later, I went for my new bike. As soon as I got there, I found out, it was stolen. The student, who mediated the purchase, claimed, that it was still there in the morning. Even though there was a camera pointing exactly at the place, it’s unlikely I will get it back.  

The next day, when I thought it can’t be any worse, there was a COVID-positive student in my household (household is defined as a few rooms, which share a bathroom). So I had to go to another two weeks of isolation. And it was not only our household but almost everyone living in the halls. There were more than 1500 positive people at university at the worst point. Fortunately, the officials reacted to massive complaints, so not infected isolating students got more freedom.

The next morning, I had been becoming symptomatic and later on, I found out to be positive. I wasn’t so sad, because my quarantine period shortened by a few days (infected people must isolate just for ten days). So after I recovered, I could finally enjoy the sunshine and being outside of my room again. Since then, there was no other person infected in my vicinity and now, I can only hope, that it will stay that way at least until the Christmas break.

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