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This will be no hugely engrossing article. Definitely not an original one. Nor lengthy.

What to say, then? What is there to tell you, my avid reader… What has happened in the past few months – all of us know all of it equally well. What it meant for our studies – that cannot differ all that greatly. What to tell you that you may not know yet… What to say?

If I ever had, at any rate, the slightest inclination to embark whiningly on expressing how terrifyingly awful this semester was, I must have – thank heavens – successfully forfeited it some while ago; it is unfounded to complain. It is – it must well be – perfectly clear to everyone that this is no fertile ground for overly positive entries about all kinds of stories of some utterly marvellous experience. (Besides, I am fairly certain that a number of my peers will more than abundantly arrange for just such an entertaining topic.) The pandemic has shaken not only our spoilt sense of everyday comfort, but it above all has taken great many lives all over the world.

Why say anything…

I really do not intend to fuss about having been recalled from the Erasmus exchange and thus only having enjoyed Leipzig for a mere few months of the first semester. At least I got the few months. There was simply no way around it, and it would be completely meaningless to go on about it. What hopefully is meaningful to talk about is the next academic year, that is how it might look…

Who knows? Our home university has already made preparations for distance learning across all fields of study in semester one – and it seems that the same is being done for semester two in the next calendar year, just in case. It must be said that The University of Edinburgh (or my two schools at any rate) has been doing its best since the beginning of the crisis to somehow help its students who are now scattered around the whole world. Even though it is by no means certain how many things will work out in the end, I happen to have a good feeling about the upcoming year. And that is nice.

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