The Second Article

The second article, in which I share my experiences of studying at King's College London, I am writing in June 2021. By this time, I have already completed my exams for the first and second semesters and I am enjoying the summer in London. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all the exams were held online and had a form of a 24 hours open book exam. This means students are given a 24-hour window in which they must complete and submit the exam. Our task was usually to write essays on a given topic. The final marks were given with great emphasis on understanding and critical analysis of the problem.

Since I also have completed the first two semesters at the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno, I have been asked many questions about how I would compare exams at universities in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. I cannot share a clear and objective view yet, as I have only taken exams at London university online, but I feel like in the UK is generally more emphasis on understanding the topic and its practical application. This is evidenced by the fact that we were allowed to use our notes and books during the exams, and high marks were awarded to students who demonstrated their understanding of the material the best and were able to apply theories to specific examples. On the contrary, in the Czech Republic, in the exam I could only rely on my knowledge so I had to learn the topic perfectly with all the terms and definitions. Both systems are demanding in a way and every person have different preferences, so I cannot objectively answer the question of which system is better.

In the second semester, I was pleasantly surprised with the content of the curriculum and I enjoyed the vast majority of lectures. We studied modules such as Macroeconomics, Evolution of Modern Business, Business Ethics and Sustainability or Work in Contemporary Society. The system at King's College London is that in the first semester the modules are core, in the second half of the subjects are core and half are optional, and in the third semester the student can choose most of the modules according to the career path he or she chooses to pursue.

Overall, I enjoyed my first year at university a lot and I hope that the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic will only improve and that it will be possible to spend more time on campus in third semester. I also hope that after the end of the holidays I will have the opportunity to gain my first work experience in the field and that more extracurricular activities at the university will be back in place. Although I really appreciate how the university is doing its best to make the pandemic affect our overall study experience as little as possible.

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