The new beginning

It is almost unbelievable how my life changed in few months. Not only that I graduated but as soon I left high school, I started working. In few weeks, I will go to university. Despite these changes regarding school I also moved in with my roommate to Prague.

After eight years at Open Gate, I finally graduated! I have to be honest I will miss this place. Obviously I visit Open Gate often but it is kind of sad when I think about the fact that I will never be Open Gate student ever again. I will also miss the people, the community but the one think I will miss the most is the relatively careless life of a high school student. This is the first time I have time to reflect on this new experience and an end of an era. Now, I am looking forward to university life and work. I my case I chose to work first and then to attend university. 

I am currently working at EnCor, a firm providing wealth management and financial advisory for high net worth clients. I work from Monday to Thursday from office and I work from home on Fridays. The company I work at is a small firm with 12 other workers. It was founded in 2013 so it is a new startup. I started working there three days after my final exam. I enjoy working there because I like to gain new experience, especially when I can advance my knowledge in a field I would once like to work in. Even though I did not have any time off it is totally worth it. 

I also moved from my cozy dormitory room to more spacious flat in Prague. Currently, I live with one roommate, Lukáš who graduated from Open Gate two years before me. I enjoy our cohabitation. We cook our meals, clean our rooms and furnish our new home. I am not going to lie and say it is the cleanest place on Earth but I think it is a decent example of men’s’ apartment.

Also, I visit my parents at Hradec Králové every other weekend. Maybe I am sentimental but time flies so fast. I did not even have time sit back and process all the novelty in my life. What a cliché right?

I am slowly starting to say goodbye to my work and gradually shifting my mind towards my further university studies. I am both excited and worried. I am thrilled about moving closer towards my dream of working in a field of finances. However, the change is scary, I believe that Open Gate equipped me well for this journey. 

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