The End Is Near

So it truly is. The end is inexorably and with a little bit of luck also unavoidably approaching. Though the prospective reader may remain absolutely calm – with this utterance, I am not trying to prophesy the coming of some grievous finale of the currently still profoundly dreary situation which tenaciously abstains from ceasing to fundamentally affect our everyday lives. The said relentlessly approaching end naturally regards nothing but my ever-shortening time at The University of Edinburgh.

Nevertheless, it will take a few more months before it comes. To be at the very end already would mean having done all the final essays and examinations (that is to say hopefully with success) – which are still yet to come, and as such have begun to pose the subject of some importunate thoughts keeping me awake at night. Unfortunately, no restrictions concerning in-person delivery of teaching on campus are expected to be eased in the few remaining months, and so there is now no room for doubt left whatsoever that I shall finish my studies at Edinburgh from afar. Recently, we have even received an official notice announcing the irreversible cancellation of summer graduations, the only alternative being an unspecified event that might take place at some point in the future and would lack the proper pomp; we know now for sure that we will not be able to enjoy a proper ceremony.

No need to despair, my dear reader – at least not entirely; the real farewell-bidding with all the appropriate requisites thereof is still yet to be dealt with in the next report which will come as the twelfth and last apostle to conclude, once and for all, the train of these regular talks of mine spanning over the years of my academic adventures in the Scottish capital. — Until that time, which still remains separated from us by an abyss of almost a whole third of the year, I wish unto my comrades in arms (that education is) a plenitude of strength for the remainder of this semester, and unto all in general first and foremost sound health – which seems to be more precious these days than ever before…

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