The beginning of university life

The spring already begun and so did my first semester at university. I was surprised that many of my classmates are foreigners. I attend every subject with different people, however only few of all the people in my class are Czech or Slovak. There are approximately four people from Czech Republic and two from Slovakia in my class. The rest of my classmates are from all around the world, for example Azerbaijan, Russia, U.S.A., Spain, Syria, Japan or Germany.

Usually, I go to school for half a day and then I go to work for the rest of the day, or the other way around. Sometimes it is hard for me to manage to commute, due to high traffic in the center, for what I will be marked as absent when I am just one minute late. Additionally, I started to attend boxing classes on every Monday. My box coach’s is Rostislav Osička (retired professional boxer) and he is really tough during trainings, so you have a good workout every time. Moreover, I go to gym every Wednesday and Friday, because I am determined to advance both: my mind and my body to be healthy.

I really enjoy going to school, even though it is different from high school. I do not go to school that often, some classes are late in the evening and I study only economics and related subjects like math, IT and English. I am glad I was a good student in high school, because a lot high school curriculum overlaps the university one. Thus, I do not need to study the things I learned in high school again.

This week I experienced my first mid-term testing. All of these exams are very important because they decide if I can write the final examination. Fortunately, I scored above 85 % in all of the tests. Currently, I manage to get good grades in all of my subjects.

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