Sudden Change

Within a few months, the world had turned around by 180 degrees. Stock market declining by 10% was the new normal, there was an oil collapse and people realized that free time can be spent differently than visiting nightclubs and traveling around the world.

Just a few days after I submitted my first blog this year, my university closed and online teaching via MS Teams began immediately. It was admirable how quickly the university was able to transform classical teaching into online. Although many students were resentful towards teaching online, I really enjoyed it. Since the company I work for moved to a home office, I suddenly found that I would save one to two hours every day by not having to commute between home, office and school. Having and not having 1 hour of "extra" time is a big difference. Weekdays became less hectic.

My first online exams were successful. I took a total of six exams and I received an A grade in all of them. As all the teachers were afraid that the students would cheat, they made the exam rules considerably stricter. I had less time for exams than usual, the individual tests were longer, and the questions were more difficult. In addition, the transition from normal lectures, where my classmates and I met in person, to online lectures was challenging. Although the new way of teaching was less time consuming for me, learning was a bit more complicated. Even so, I managed everything well. (If I can say so myself.)

What will be the situation be in the fall is just a question. If another wave of coronavirus pandemic comes, I assume that the AAU will respond to it as it did in the spring meaning that all subjects will move back to the online learning, as many students are foreign and would probably remain in their quarantined countries. I hope that does not happen and that at least students from Prague would still go to school. Seeing yourself in person every day is definitely more enjoyable than being at home alone on the computer.

Now, I am beginning to spend more and more time writing my bachelor's thesis, which I will submit and defend before Christmas. In addition to my bachelor's degree thesis, I'm also slowly working on questions for the bachelor's exams I received a few days ago.

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