Start of my studies in Nuremberg

Several nice welcome surprises awaited me upon my arrival in Nuremberg. At the matriculation ceremony I heard an inspiring and motivating speech by the new president of the school. Nuremberg’s Hochschule für Musik is a newly nationalized, innovative school. A number of projects and challenges are in its nearest future. It is good to see that the management is interested in making the school’s future most promising.

Another nice discovery was the great care international students receive here. Aside from the opportunity to refer to an office for international students at any time, every international student is assigned an “Ansprechpartner,” a classmate to turn to in need of help or advice.

It was thanks to this very option and the overall friendly, amiable atmosphere at the school that my first school days were smooth, without excessive organizational stress. I really appreciated this during my preparation for the school’s two concerts to mark the start of the academic year.

As far as the quality of the teachers is concerned, the school leaves nothing to be desired compared to other major German schools. Students therefore face appropriate expectations here, too. My greatest pleasures include piano lessons with Professor Manz, outside of which Mr. Manz organizes regular “Vorspielen” or “classes.” They offer an opportunity to perform to my classmates and then be taught in their presence.

Of course, emphasis is put on the major subject. Aside from that, you can choose from a wide range of optional music theory subjects. Other subjects taught here include music therapy, an unfortunately less common specialization in my country. Last but not least, our school’s cooperation with the local language school allows us to take free courses in any language and take any language test or obtain a certificate as part of the studies.

Thanks to the almost family-like atmosphere of a small school, there is no problem meeting good friends, which fosters cooperation and the notion of taking others as one’s brothers in arms - not just as competitors. As a pianist, I can also play chamber music actively and share in music-making.

I was immensely honored several times in the past when, together with Professor Ivan Moravec and other students, I was allowed to listen to, comment on, and compare the interpretations of my fellow musicians or piano heroes - the last time was on September 29, live on Czech Radio 3 - Vltava. I also occasionally get to attend interesting concerts here and listen to recordings together with other students of the academy in our spare time.

The possibilities for student accommodation are also very friendly here. I can stay in a dorm, which makes my morning trip to school short.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to study at Nuremberg’s Musikhochschule and for the financial support provided by Educa Foundation, without which this would be impossible, and I am looking forward to more Nuremberg experiences.

Začátek mého studia v Norimberku
Začátek mého studia v Norimberku

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