Numbers, obstacles and impressions

While most of my former classmates had still one month of holidays, my new university did not waste time and started right from the beginning of September. I started attending the University of New York in Prague, a one-branch study of psychology.

Although I am studying humanities, I would like to dedicate the beginning of this post to numbers, which summarize my last two months more than enough. I  am a college student for already seventy-seven days, and in such a short time, I managed to: read and write notes from seven hundred and forty-five pages, complete six midterm week tests, work for one hundred and forty-two hours, and get sick once. I would say that it is a quite decent performance for so short time.

My first semester consists of incredibly diverse subjects: from computers through sociology to developmental psychology. I have to say that the beginning of school year looked very simple. Meeting new classmates and extracurricular activities was fun. However, some obstacles did occur on my university path.

One of the obstacles is called “computers and applications”. I always knew I am not the type of person who could understand computers and other technologies. What I did not know is that this subject will be so problematic for me, even though, our professor is trying to explain the content as simplest as possible. Long story short, the first test from this subject did not go as I expected. However, I do not give up on this subject, and I am currently trying to overcome this obstacle in the best way possible.

I also had to get used to grades in letters. From most of my essays, I get between eighty to ninety points. At the beginning, I thought that this is a really good grade, but then I discovered that my eighty points are equal to B, and my ninety points are equal to A-. Each mark from A to F is within the range of ten points, but F starts at sixty. Therefore, in order to get A, I must score between ninety and one hundred points. Compared with high-school, university rating is relatively stricter. However, with time, one founds out what exactly are professors demanding for a good response which deserves a good score. That’s why this obstacle is not bothering me anymore. I think that there were enough numbers and obstacles for this post, and therefore let’s move on to more positive and luckily more prevailing impressions.

1. English and psychology lessons are very easy for me! At Open Gate, I took IB course from these two subjects, so I use my old knowledge, together with the new one, and everything works very well.
2.  If you want to know something about any country from Germany, Slovakia, Norway, India, to the African countries, visit my university because you will find a sip of every culture here.
3. Finally, I must mention professors who are not only helpful, but at the same time they have been studying their field for a very long time, and from their experience, you can learn really a lot.

Of course, there were lots of things to get used to, after all, it is a higher education, and I must say that my approach has changed accordingly. I always try to use all my strength, but also to remember that not every bad grade means a disaster. Now my fall semester is already coming to an end, the cold winter has not yet begun, and I am already carefully choosing my subjects for the spring semester.

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