More Nuremberg experiences and my studies continued

My first semester at Musikhochschule in Nuremberg is coming to its end. The end of the semester was particularly difficult – but the still more difficult summer semester is ahead.

I was kept busy primarily by my main subject. But, in addition to playing solo, I am now rehearsing with a schoolmate who plays the oboe and with whom we have set up a new duo. In addition to public solo and chamber performances in Nuremberg as well as Munich and Weimar, I have expanded my solo and chamber repertoire considerably, thanks to my kind professor, Mr. Manz.

Our school actively cooperates with many institutions in both Nuremberg and its partner cities, and we often have opportunities to take part in events or concerts resulting from the cooperation. A nice opportunity for the presentation of our new duo was presented by the January concert in Nuremberg’s National Germanic Museum that was organized for the German-French society as part of a visit by the Mayor of Nice to Nuremberg.

The Days of Early Music held in Nuremberg constitute another equally interesting event. During the Days, you could go to a series of concerts and several master classes held at the Musikhochschule. The tutors were leading professors of early music who are active in Germany. The music spans from baroque (J. S. Bach) back in time, including renaissance music. I was attracted by the extensive range of opportunities and took a master class with Prof. Sergio Azzolini, a renowned baroque bassoon player who works in Berlin. This opportunity for contact with early music was a pleasant change from my work with a late baroque and later classical music repertoire.

I have been progressing successfully in other subjects (music theory) as well, and I can understand the lessons delivered in a foreign language almost completely now. We have not had many exams yet, but they will come. I am getting ready for a hot summer semester.

I am also coming to grips with the new environment, as life for students here is very good. New friendships and the aforementioned Ansprechpartners – schoolmate helpers – make navigating the new environment easier for me. I am increasingly aware of the benefit of Nuremberg not being so far away from Prague.

I am grateful for my promising start in Nuremberg and especially to Educa Foundation for its support, which I have come to appreciate increasingly.

Patrik Hevr

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