Exams finished and work on full time again

In my last blog I wrote about the beginning of the spring semester at the university and now I already finished all my final exams. My first semester on university passed extremely quickly. As soon as I could get to know the campus and meet my new classmates, it was the end of March and the mid-term examination ahead of me. I passed all the exams with excellent results and I entered the second half of the semester.

A month and a little later, another wave of exams was waiting for me, this time the final and much more important examination. These tests determined whether or not I will receive credits for the courses I attended. I had the examination period throughout May. For each exam I had only one attempt and I had to have at least 70% to pass the exam. Although this method of examination may seem tough for many, it forces students to prepare as much as they can for the tests and they do not postpone it for second or even third attempt. In my case, fortunately, I did not have to care about the passing limit, as I had a very good scores from all the tests. I finished the semester with several A grades and one B+, which made me extremely happy and I am glad to be able to manage the school in combination with the work.

I had my last exam on 22 May, and from the following day I started to work full time again. Although many of my peers take their job just as an opportunity to make some money, my job means for me a possibility of further self-development, gaining valuable experience and to a certain extent also a hobby.

In addition to working, I continue to dedicate myself to box, which I attend once a week. It is a great way to relax and unwind after a working day in the office. Although I really enjoy box trainings, they are really physically demanding. Especially in recent weeks when outdoor temperatures reach over thirty degrees. The rest of the summer I plan to spend working, and at the beginning of September my university life will start again.

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