Even managing coursework can be hard

The summer went by very fast, and another semester started. Moreover, I am now counting down the days until my fall semester final exams. I is almost a year since my last post, yet it seems to me I wrote my blog very recently.

When I stop and think for a moment, I realize, my life also goes very fast, and soon I will have to think about the graduation and admissions into the master program. My life is a never-ending cycle of work, school and homework. Even though it seems I describe my routine in a negative way, it is the opposite. Every morning, I look forward to the lessons at school, my job, whether it is new projects, meetings or new data to analyze. I really appreciate that I am able to do all of these tasks in the most effective way, thus I can improve my knowledge and abilities further and further.

I must admit, the more I am nearing the end of my studies, the more my everyday schedule gets complicated. In this fall semester, I had to stop doing box, which I practiced for the past two years, because I have statistic in that time. The biggest complication is that, the less subjects I yet have to attend, the more complicated it is to manage my timetable, so it will not interfere with my job. In the past semesters, i tried to attend lectures that were either early in the morning or late in the evening, so I do not have to go back and forth between my school and my job. Last week, I applies to courses I will attend the next (spring) semester. Because I already have to attend lessons about writing my thesis, I have to move around my timetable, because the lesson is two times a week in the middle of the day.

As I already mentioned, the exam period is right around the corner. This year, I am starting on the 2nd of December and ending on the 12 of December.  During these two weeks, I will write an exam from every subject and I will write few written assignments. This year, I am careful, and I am not leaving this until the last day. I am almost done with the written assignment and I already started studying for the exams, especially for statistics. Even though I have more homework and responsibilities with each semester, I am starting to get better and better at managing my meetings and assignments, thus I do not have too much work at the end of the semester and my grades are not suffering as a result.

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